Jennie Rosenbaum at Summer in the City

Earlier this month, I went to see the Summer in the City Exhibition at:
Guilford Lane Gallery in Melbourne’s CBD.

There were a lot of interesting works on display from many artists, but the main reason I attended was to see my friend Jennie Rosenbaum’s beautiful art work:

Jennie Rosenbaum art at Summer in the City

I love Jennie’s art, and am fortunate enough to own some of her smaller pieces, including Heart and Cross (pictured below, hanging on my bedroom wall).

Cross and Heart hanging on the bedroom wall

I thought two or her new works were stunning: Composed, where she has been experimenting with using volumetric lighting, and Release – I love the detail and perspective in this work, particularly in the hand and arm.

She also included some of her earlier works, and you can see how her technique has evolved. From these pieces, my favourites are Spirit and Glow, which I adore.
Jennie has recaped how she felt about the exhibition at her blog.
She also has an online gallery of her works, including her Ochre Nudes.

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