2013 Senate results

There are so many issues that can be blogged about when it comes to senate results, but my day job has been taking up way too much of my time, so I hope to get to some of the issues later.
In the mean time, here is a link to the AEC senate results, including pdfs of the distributions:

Probably the most questionable result is the election of the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party to the final spot in Victoria ahead of Liberal party senator Helen Kroger, from a tiny primary of 0.51%

This result was only possible because of the use of Group Voting Tickets, which enabled the many micro-parties who ran to cross-trade preferences with each other. I think Antony Green’s article on the Drum really makes the case for why Group Voting Tickets should be abolished:


An alternative is to have optional preferential voting, so voters can be free to decide their own preferences without having to number over 100 candidates and run the risk of making a mistake that renders their vote informal.

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